Back to School

Well, it’s back to school after one of the most uneventful summers ever. It’s actually the first summer I haven’t worked since 1999. I’m excited to go back, but it’s the kind of excitement that wears off after the first night I have to get up after three hours of sleep or walk into class and remember there’s a test that day.

Does anyone know what Discrete math is? I know it’s about logic and computer numbers (binary, octal, and hex), but what is it, really? After last semester, I still don’t really know. Its kinda like linear algebra (which I’ll have to take over, thanks to the transfer) in that I can do it but I couldn’t tell you the jist of what it is.

So, lets take a look at my schedule: computers, computers, computers, math, and computers. This should be fun.

One Response to “Back to School”

  1. Art Browning Says:

    I could make some guesses about Discrete Math, a more interesting question comes to mind: What might Indiscrete Math be?