The Beginning of the End

Well, for most strapping young lads, summer is just getting underway. I, unfortunately, have summer school. It starts on Monday. This summer I’ll finish up my degree.

In the first summer session, I’ll be taking my last math class, which is Linear Algebra. I already took it at SAC, but it didn’t transfer. My other class for Summer I is Survey of Computer Languages, which uses C++, Java, and LISP. I’m interested to learn LISP, since it’s not a C-style language. I think it’s the basis for The GIMP‘s Script-fu, which I have a bit of experience with.

Summer II includes Software Engineering Project, which should be decent, and Unix System Programming, which should be interesting but difficult.

Website work with PDP has been picking up recently, which I’m glad about. I’ve been considering what type of job I’d like to have when I grajiate, and I think I’d like to continue to do this sort of thing.

In other news, apparently Longhorn won’t use the “My” prefixes on everything anymore. Thank God. I thought that was a stupid idea when they released it (in Windows 98?), and I’ve maintained my position ever since.

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