Of Graduation and Panic

I got my degree audit back last week. That’s the official document that says what classes you still need to take to graduate. Turns out that I am missing two hours. Yeah, I need two extra lowsy hours, or I don’t graduate. After I changed pants, I went to speak to the Science Advisor. This woman actually know what was going on, unlike the part-time CS Advisor. She said I could just CLEP out of some CIS class to get the hours. The test costs about $70, which is a lot cheeper (and faster) than taking the class. So I will indeed graduate in August as planned.

I decided not to get a class ring. I figure, if I’ve learned anything at school, it’s to not blow $500 on something I won’t even wear. I’d rather use the money for a computer that can actually run more than three apps at a time. Plus, I don’t find the design of the ring particularly appealing.

Last semester I got a 4.0, and I intend to do the same this time. I need to recover from my horrid grades this past Spring. I’m going to dispute two of those grades. I really, honestly feel I deserved an A in both Software Engineering and Computer Architecture. I estimated that if I had gotten two extra points on any exam in Architecture, I would have gotten that A. Come on!

I guess it’ll all be over soon, so I should enjoy it.

Bonus: remember, when the English say biscuits they really mean cookies.

One Response to “Of Graduation and Panic”

  1. Claire Says:

    Hey, the fam and I want to come to your graduation! I am not sure if the rents will be able to, but I won’t miss it. Let me know about the details. Congrads!