Summer Cleaning

I cleaned off my desk the other day. Ever since then, I’m pleasantly suprised when I walk into my room. It’s so nice to have a clean surface. I even wiped it off with Windextm. I’ve decided that I don’t like glass surfaces, as then tend to retain some remnant of every object that ever touched them. I liked having a clean desk so much, I cleaned my dresser off too. It’s good that I did, since I’m going to have to gather everything up to move out in 28 days.

Living out here for the past six months has taught me a lot about living away from my parents. I find that I actually do keep things relatively clean, especially the bathroom. This is reassuring. I learned that one room mate can make as much mess as the other three combined. I learned that when the contract says “no pets,” the complex really means it. All in all, this has been a good test run.

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