DOOM Movie Causes Eyes to Bleed

Whether you’ve played DOOM or not, the Doom movie is a diappointment. And let me tell you that my hopes weren’t very high to begin with. It was just bad. Allow me to elaborate.

Warning: some small bits of plot are revealed in this post. This is commonly refered to as “spoilers.” In my opinion, however, the entire movie was spoiled, so you needn’t worry about it.

Having been a fan of DOOM and DOOM II, I was excited to see the creatures and weapons on the big screen. DOOM never had much of a plot, so I wasn’t expecting much of one. Even there I was disapointed. The only plot similarities between the game and the movie were the use of the BFG, the use of the name UAC, and that the movie was set on Mars. Even these three elements were poorly done:

  • The BFG was only fired twice, hitting nothing both times
  • UAC was mentioned about twice.
  • The setting was changed to Mars only after an uproar by fans of the games.

The explanation for the monsters was a UAC plot, not that they came forth through a gateway from Hell as in the game. Odd, because the movie tagline was, “Hell breaks loose.” The dialogue and plot were poorly concieved and executed; at certain points the characters did exactly opposite of what they would have done in reality. For example, when the conspiracy was uncovered, the main character, Reaper, and his scientist sister were outraged. So, of course, they wanted to destroy the evidence. Yeah, that’s a normal response. God forbid the evil plot be made public, and the guilty parties be brought to justice.

Additionally, the movie didn’t use but a few of the game monsters. I wanted to see a cyberdemon! C’mon!

The first person sequence toward the end of the movie was another let down. It was a good idea, but the “gameplay” looked more like the arcade game Area 51 than DOOM 3. It was almost comical.

On the up side, there were a few little nuggets of joy for fans, such as a scientist named Carmack and a lot of “put on your game face” wording. The special effects were good, I guess.

I found the heavy metal sountrack to be uninspiring. During the credits there was a song by Nine Inch Nails, but oddly they didn’t use NIN’s Head Like a Hole, the “theme song” to DOOM II, anywhere in the movie.

The bottom line is, I could have written and directed a better movie. Yes, me. Perhaps I’m being too harsh, but this movie was an even bigger diappointment than I had feared.

6 Responses to “DOOM Movie Causes Eyes to Bleed”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Maybe they want destroy the the evidence because it included how to reproduce the mutations (of course I do not think the UAC want only movies about the progress of the experiments), I agree it was not the best film on earth but what a hell A LOT of movies are far worse (and when I say a lot I say a lot).

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The movie wasnt based on the game as much as it should, but the movie was still frikin awsome

  3. Mitchell Says:

    The Movie had good effects and all, but it was ment to be based on Doom 3, I wanted to see some massive monsters. I wanted to get scared when I watched it at 12:00 at midnight. But I didn’t. A big dissapointment. I will say the three worst things that I hated.
    1: even though it sais “Hell Brakes Loose” as the tag, It has nothing to do with Hell!
    2: No cyber daemon or other daemons that were cool, only “Pinky”, “Imps”, and “Dark Knight”, or wateva its called
    3: the story line sucked!
    The movie was a big dissapointment!

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  5. Keiffer Says:

    Gosh, I wish I would have had that infomrtaion earlier!

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