My Head Could Explode

Now, I’m not a frequent visitor of Cute Overload, but today I got a hankerin’ for some puppies. While browsing I came across a picture of not just a priceless puppy, but also a priceless reaction. I feel your pain, little girl.

Another post reminds me of the time that Spike put his mouth around my neck as a baby, and looked to my mom for the go-ahead to bite down. She was none too pleased, but who knew such things could turn into a photo op? At first I thought these parents were crazy to let a dog of that size around a baby, but now I see why they did. Sorry, but I still think dogs are cuter than babies.

Finally, I leave you with Dog Haiku by anonymous.

2 Responses to “My Head Could Explode”

  1. Jaybird Says:

    Here’s another dog haiku:

    Big stupid canine
    Your muzzle crammed in my crotch
    I see red rocket

  2. Matthew Says: