(Movie) Blasts from the Past

Just eight months until the new CGI Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie comes out. The folks at Apple have the new TMNT trailer. The animation looks very good.

Writer/director Kevin Munroe is not well known, but the creators of the Turtles (Eastman and Laird) have writing credits as well. Eastman and Laird’s original comic was darker than the late-80s/early-90s TV show, and according to the (PDF) press release, the movie will be “slightly grittier” than the first three Turtle movies.

I don’t remember the first three that well, except that they changed actresses for April at least twice, and that Vanilla Ice was in the second one (much to my delight—at school there was an ongoing M.C. Hammer/Vanilla Ice debate. I was a member of the latter camp at that time). Oh, and the first one (which I think I own on VHS) had that great rap song during the credits. I so remember all those lyrics.

Wow, I just remembered the casette tape I probably still have that featured the Turtles singing. As I recall, there were a few good songs and a few that, even at that age, I could identify as crap. I must give it a listen.

Of course we also have the Transformers movie to look forward to (which opens a week after the Turtles movie does).

Also, the rumor I heard a few months ago has been kind-of confirmed with IMDB listing Matt Damon as playing James T. Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek movie (slated for 2008), which is set during Kirk’s time at Star Fleet Academy.

Hollywood continues its trend of producing remakes and sequels, but in these cases I welcome it.

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  1. julianne Says:

    oh my GOD TMNT. I love how these movies really seem to be taking themselves seriously, especially Transformers. Oh well, I’ll always love the turtles and I’ll totally see be first in line to see this. The first movie was awesome, I actually watched it not too long ago.