YouTube Tuesday

I was planning on posting some videos that I’ve been watching, and since Tuesdays are YouTube Tuesdays, I decided to go ahead and wait until today. Most of these I’d classify as Not Safe For Work.

Due to technical problems I couldn’t embed the videos. Click the big, strong links.

1. Adicolor Pink

The first video that I must share is Adicolor Pink. I know it’s a few months old, but I just found it and I can’t stop watching it. The song, the imagery: fantastic. I downloaded the album that the song is on (Awake Like Sleep by Greg Weeks) and it’s pretty decent. And no, I don’t like Pink just because of the girl (as I have been accused). If I was just interested in that, I’d be recommending White.

Adicolor Pink.

These videos were made independent of each other for a viral Adidas marketing campaign, with varying results. I rank them as such: Pink, Yellow, Black, Green, Blue, White, and Red.

2. Darth Vader Being a Smartass

Darth Vader Being a Smartass.

While we’re on Star Wars, you might as well check out Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager Episode One and Two.

3. Mac Commercial Spoof: Gaming

This is one of several Mac commercial spoofs, including Upgrading, Security, Portability, Performance, and Networking. Warning: I don’t want to start a holy war here, but some of these videos include Linux bashing.

Mac Commercial Spoof: Gaming

4. I Must Be Emo

I am occasionally emo, so take this not as bashing, but as tough love. And yes, I know the song is annoying the first, say 100 times you hear it.

I Must Be Emo.

The original video that I wanted to use got deleted, but the above is a good one too.

5. Quagmire

Witness the glory of Family Guy‘s Quagmire.


6. Bonus: Britney Spears… What Happened?

I don’t want whatever she’s on.

Britney Spears Being a Moron.

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